Nearly 900 people attended YEP! events in 2019!

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No matter where you are in your event career, you’re right for us. Membership is free!

We’re Real

Genuine personal relationships are the foundation of events industry. We aim to build them in the most fun ways possible. No stuffy lectures or long seminars, just laid-back events for professionals who love to connect and be inspired.

We’re Young-at-Heart

The “young” in Young Event Professionals means young-at-heart. We’re a quirky group, but we take our work seriously – and we love sharing it with each other. Translation: all ages welcome!

We create the space, you create the connections

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Tuesday March 23 4 p.m.  YEP! We Can elect the next mayor   brainstorming session for creative event professionals  Register Here

Tuesday  April 13  4  p.m.

network with wedding professionals sponsored by

WAM! The Wedding Association of Manhattan and

AFWPI Association for Wedding Professionals International 

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