How to Become a YEP! Leader

  1. Review the information provided below.
  2. Based on your skills and experience, we will find a position for you!



Leadership Structure


I.  Presidents/Founders Circle

·     Set long term and progressive goals for the organization
·     Maintain  commitment to YEP! ideals of transparency, inclusiveness, vigor and spontaneity
·     Create a process to identify and select leaders

·     Schedule and moderate discussions about big ideas


II. The President

.     Schedules and moderates monthly leadership meetings

·     Determines nature, scope, goals of the primary monthly events

·     Produce at least one event per month

·     Encourage and hold accountable the vice presidents and directors for tasks they have embraced

·     Actively seek sources of new members, reach out and connect with the other event organizations

·     Meet and connect with as many members as possible

·     Sets the goals for their term

·     Creates big challenges for the group


III. Vice Presidents

·     Capable of generating, creating and then supervising tasks assigned to their directors and committee members
·     Works independently, show consistent initiative in creating goals and challenges for their directors.
·     Maintain constant and frequent contact with the President to assess progress, solve problems, and

      clear bottlenecks

IV. Directors

·     Serve in different areas under the supervision of a vice president
·     Responsible for creating and maintaining a committee of volunteers to assist them
.     Each director must have at least one committee member
·     Provide a monthly report on his or her progress, including goals for the next month

·     Schedule and moderate at least one meeting of his or her committee every month

NOTEEach member of the leadership team – co founders, the president, vice presidents and directors will attend a monthly board meeting. 

IV. Volunteers

Each VP or Director should recruit, train, involve and motivate at least one volunteer. YEP! needs both regular committee volunteers and ad hoc event volunteers. Regular committee volunteers are expected to attend at least one committee meeting per month. Volunteers are invited to board meetings.


Leadership Opportunities



Vice President of Programs

·     Responsible for one primary YEP! event per month.
·     Assign tasks to directors and committees.
·     Coordinate promotion and sponsors for each event.
·     Develop a six month plan for programs to insure diversity, progress, evolution.

Director(s) of Programs

·     Responsible for some element of the primary event under direction of the VP.
·     Produce a secondary event at least once in their term.
·     Organize a task force, ad hoc planning committee comprised of select members of the other

      committees (i.e. PR, Sponsorship).


Vice President of Sponsors and Exhibits
·     Responsible for finding, and then confirming multiple sponsors/exhibitors in all events, including secondary events.

·     Insure that each sponsor is properly promoted in email, on website, on event registration page and at the event.
·     Insure that each sponsor receives attendee list after the event.


Director of Photography and Videography
·     Responsible for coordinating photo video coverage of each event.  Ideally this person will have experience in

·     Responsible for contacting and involving every possible photographer/videographer.
·     Gather all media immediately after the event, present in some coherent form.
·     Insure materials are posted on Facebook, YouTube and on our web page.
·     Prepare a re cap photo/video project for presentation at the end of the six month term.

Director of Food and Beverage

·     Insure that each event includes food and beverages.
·     Develop catering contacts.
·     Purchase food when necessary. Devise a backup food and beverage plan for each event.
·     Acquire necessary supplies.
·     Make sure that all elements of food and beverage that are to be provided are well publicized, catering sponsors

·     Suggest ways to attract more caterers to the organization by programming choices.
·     Develop page on website of YEP! endorsed caterers.

Director of Venues
·     Organize master list of possible venues for events.
·     Develop contacts with venue operators.
·     Offer to promote irrespective of a specific sponsorship.
·     Develop page on website of YEP! endorsed venues.

Vice President of Membership 
·     Responsible for expanding list of members and maintaining current members.
·     Responsible for developing new leaders and volunteers.

Director of Membership
·     Responsible for frequent communication to current members to keep them informed, involved, active.
·     Responsible for polling members on a variety of topics as a means to keep them interested.
·     Will send at least one individual email to each member at least once a month.

Director of Volunteers
·     Responsible for seeking and organizing new volunteers for each event.
·     Maintain separate list of all previous volunteers.
.     Send at least one individual email to each past volunteer at least once per month.

Director of Outreach

·     Responsible for contacting and building relationships with other local and regional event  networking groups.

·     Share membership info, develop joint programs, offer to include event promo on our website and in emails.

Vice President of Communication
·     Responsible for promoting the group and all events in every possible way.

·     Develop new avenues, methods for promotion.
·     Organize promotional workshops.
·     Provide specific goals  and accountability for directors and volunteers.

Director of Website Expansion
·     Responsible for keeping website up to date with information about members, events, and programs.
·     Responsible for adding educational, interesting and useful content.
·     Promote new elements of website to membership, wider lists.
·     Organize a committee to develop content.
·     Add at least one piece of content, information once a week.

Director of Social Media

·     Responsible for organizing a committee to use social media to promote the group, members and events.
·     Promotion in the social media should be constant, and progressive.
·     Post, or have a committee member, post something somewhere every day.

Director of YEP! History 
·     Write and promote a monthly newsletter containing notes from all meetings, info about programs,

      members of the week, and information about other groups.
·     Insure that all relevant info is included and up to date on the website.

Director of Press Relations
·     Research, develop and maintain contacts with the press.
·     Compose a bi weekly (twice per month) press release promoting the group and events.

·     Submit frequent press releases  to every possible press contact, calendar listing.

Vice President of Education and Employment
·     Responsible for developing a progressive and challenging curriculum for members.
·     Responsible for developing an active and effective job board or exchange info on our website.
·     Responsible for assessing employment needs and interests of the membership, organize resume writing

      workshops, job seeker support groups.

Director(s) of Education
·     Responsible for producing secondary educational events, lectures, attending other groups events.
·     Develop list of appropriate speakers.
·     Add useful employment content to the website.

Directors at Large

·     Expected to attend monthly board meetings.  Be responsible for one special project per term.



Application for Leadership

Thank you for applying for a leadership position with YEP! The Young Event Professionals is the fastest growing event networking organization in the New York tri-state area.


YEP! was founded in January of 2013 and now has over 600 members. Our events are well attended, well promoted and well received by event professionals. Many are anxious for an effective, affordable avenue toward personal and professional development while creating a better event community for everyone.


We are inclusive and transparent. If you submit an application, we will find a place for you.

Our six month leadership term insures that we remain vibrant and progressive, while still providing  frequent opportunities for advancement. The natural progression for aspiring event leaders is to make a significant contribution as a volunteer, then become a Director, then VP, and perhaps President.


for more information  please contact 212.227.3032  or email  –  [email protected]